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Dr. Vikas Kumar Singh is an international marketing professional and upcoming author of book "Return Ticket". Vikas has spent over 2 decades in corporate sector in India and has rich experience of launching FMCG brands in global markets. Few months back he had some life changing incidents that led him to lean towards ancient Greek philosophy which has now become his passion and area of study/further research. Vikas aspires to impact maximum people in this world so that they can realize the importance of their present and "present" ie a gift, given to them by God ie HUMAN LIFE. He wants to help people to live a satisfied and happy life following the ancient Greek philosophy. 
Vikas has education in multiple discipline of Engineering, Management, International Marketing and Law. He believes in having a student mindset and always open to learning new subjects and concepts.

Dr. Vikas Kumar Singh

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Jhilmil Shah is an entrepreneur who has traversed a career path across industries, cities and experience. Post graduate Topper in Audio Visual production from Symbiosis Pune.
Jhilmil is a firm believer in constant self-improvement. She speaks five languages including professional level French and is also a certified Radio Jockey. On the personal front she constantly seeks out opportunities for development, including through attending seminars and training session. It is the amalgamation of these qualities that prodded her to seek a career in Life Coaching and starting her own initiative CreateHer which aims at helping women of all age groups create their unique identity and live life with a purpose.

Jhilmil Shah


Deepak Bal is a Leadership and Business Success Coach. 

Deepak is an Engineering graduate (B.E.)  with a post graduation (MBA) in International Business. With 20 years of work experience and having worked with people across different ages, education - He is passionate to help you achieve what you truly desire. 

In the last many years he has helped numerous people live their "Success"

He has helped organization to develop team spirit and increase their productivity.

He can help you achieve your true Business success. As a business consultant he has helped many organizations to achieve 3X growth 

Deepak Bal

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