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Buy Mens Dungarees

Hard work in, hard work out. Behind every pair of these pants are 61 pairs of hands that cut, sew, hem, and triple-stitch the 28 pieces that form the classic B01. So before they even show up on the jobsite, they've already lived through several shifts of hard work. These men's dungarees have changed very little since they were introduced in 1939. They are still proudly made in the USA, with a rugged design featuring heavy-hauling back pockets and a double layer at the knees. Our heavyweight firm-hand duck is the most durable canvas out there. Like any classic, it only gets better with time.

buy mens dungarees


There are many tops you can decide to wear your dungarees. A basic tee, a statement polo or a shirt. For the colder evenings, consider wearing knitwear or a sweatshirt for a casual feel. My ultimate favourite is layering with a hoodie. The hoodie ruled winter as a key layering piece and it is not going anywhere this season. 041b061a72

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