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Business Mathematics by V. K. Kapoor

Business mathematics is the application of mathematical methods and techniques to solve business problems and make decisions. Business mathematics covers topics such as algebra, calculus, linear programming, matrices, probability, statistics, and finance. Business mathematics helps business managers and professionals to analyze data, optimize resources, forecast outcomes, and evaluate risks.

One of the popular books on business mathematics is Business Mathematics by V. K. Kapoor. This book is written by V. K. Kapoor, a professor of mathematics at Delhi University, and edited by Raj Kapoor, a lecturer of mathematics at Delhi University. The book is published by Sultan Chand & Sons, a leading publisher of educational books in India.


The book has 12 editions and covers various topics of business mathematics such as arithmetic, algebra, equations, functions, logarithms, differentiation, integration, matrices, determinants, linear programming, probability, statistics, correlation, regression, and finance. The book also provides numerous solved examples, exercises, and problems for practice and revision. The book is suitable for students of commerce, management, economics, and engineering.

The book has received positive reviews from readers and teachers for its clarity, simplicity, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. The book is widely used as a textbook and reference book for various courses and examinations in India and abroad.

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