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The Grifters

Meanwhile, John Cusack had read Jim Thompson's novel in 1985 and was so impressed by it that he wanted to turn the book into a film himself.[6] When Cusack found out that Scorsese and Frears were planning an adaptation, he actively pursued a role in the project. Cusack has said that he saw the character of Roy Dillon as "a wonderfully twisted role to dive into."[6] To research his role, he studied with real grifters and learned card and dice tricks as well as sleight-of-hand tricks like the $20 switch that his character does in the film. He even successfully pulled off this trick at a bar on a bartender he knew well.[7]

The Grifters

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Sounds like a great read, very atmospheric (as is your review). Anything that mentions grifters reminds me of the movie The Sting, have you seen it? It always sounds so glamorous, but is probably a very risky way of life. Nice to read about and watch, but possibly not a great way to actually live. 041b061a72

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